frequently asked questions

How does the new parking system work?

The new parking system is a timed, ticketless parking system based on number plate recognition.

On entry, a camera will capture the number plate details of your vehicle and a digital screen will display your arrival time. Vehicles will not be required to stop as tickets will not be issued.

When leaving the car park if you have spent less than three hours in the centre you can proceed straight to the exit. A camera will recognise your number plate at the exit and the boom gate will automatically open. If you have spent more than three hours in the centre you can pay the relevant fees in the following ways:

  • Enter your number plate details and pay at the Pay Stations located at the St George Bank entrance or next to the travelator/lift near Food Court.

  • Insert credit or debit card at the exit gate.

Are all areas of the shopping centre car park part of the new parking system?

The Federal Road ground level and rooftop carparks are equipped with the new parking system.

Is there a period of free parking available?

The first three hours are free. If you stay longer than the free parking period, fees will apply.

What are the fees?

Time Rate

0 – 3 hours FREE

3 – 3.5 hours $6.00

3.5 – 4 hours $10.00

4 – 4.5 hours $14.00

4.5 – 5 hours $16.00

5 – 5.5 hours $20.00

5.5 – 6 hours $25.00

6 – 6.5 hours $30.00

6.5 – 7 hours $35.00

7 + hours $35.00

What payment methods are available?

At the Pay Station: cash, credit card or tap and go.

At the Exit Gate: credit card or tap and go.

What if I can’t remember my number plate?

If you forget your number plate and have exceeded the free parking period, simply drive directly to the exit gate and use your credit or debit card to pay for any parking fees.

I have a disabled parking permit. Will parking fees apply?

Please bring your valid permit details to Centre Management for registration. Centre Management is open weekdays, 8:30am - 5:30pm. For further information contact Centre Management on 02 9621 3144.

What should I do if I require assistance at a pay station or exit gate?

Press the intercom HELP button on the pay station or exit gate column and you will receive assistance.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint or query regarding ticketless parking?

Seven Hills Plaza Centre Management

Phone: 02 9621 3144