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Meet our Family

Hello! We’re so happy you’re here. Let us introduce you to our Seven Hills Plaza family. These are the people who work hard to provide you with the best experiences in our centre. They are incredibly passionate about the local community and love serving you each and every day.

Meet Kathie from Helloworld

When did you open your store? Tell us about the services you offer.
Helloworld Travel at Seven Hills Plaza was opened on 15th July 2003. 

We have a real passion for travel and we love tailoring the perfect holiday for our clients, we pride ourselves in really getting to know our clients and understanding what exactly they want from their holiday experiences and how we can make that a reality.

What’s your favourite thing about your job and the Seven Hills Plaza community?
Our customers are like family to us. We love looking after them, guiding them on each step of their holiday journey, from planning to booking to travelling to returning home and booking again!

We love assisting our customers in making their dreams come true, the joy when they come back and share their experiences and adventures is the best part!

We can't wait to be open again to serve our customers. 

Helloworld Seven Hills Plaza
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